måndag 4 maj 2015


 I like to reuse stuff whenever I can so instead of buying new fabric I bought these linen clothes in perfect condition from a thrift shop the other day. I'm going to remake them into two medieval dresses.
Me and my mum are going to attend a couple of medieval markets this summer and then you have to dress the part!

 So i started by tearing them apart in all of the seams.

I like linen, it's a very nice material, it will definitely breathe more then the velvet dress I wore last summer. There was some super hot days at the market and I was standing in direct sun light all day, super sweaty, cursing over my warm dress.

I decided - no more, never again. I know how to sew, I will make my own dress.
And finally, I'm getting to it, yey!

To be continued...

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